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December 15, 2017, 12:21:19 am
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Author Topic: So this happened to me... not other people  (Read 103 times)
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« on: October 24, 2017, 09:14:11 pm »

Whenevery I hear of things like people getting pick pocketed i never think that’s something that happens here. And especially doesn’t happen to me. But it happened here and it happened to me, and it’s so much more weird then just a random pick pocket hit.

I figure I had to have been at a restaurant because my purse is never not under my arm anywhere else. And I fully believe there was a waitress involved after a lot of thinking and stressing over it. My wallet was lifter from my purse and my credit card and debit card were both taken... but stranger than that they were replaced with cards of the same type from different people. Today I went to use my credit card and pulled out a card that wasn’t mine. Last week I went to the bank and was told the card was not mine. I thought the teller was an idiot because I just don’t use that account for anything and there’s never any money in it except when I go into the branch. Then it’s transferred right away so the card was useless to whom ever took it anyway. As for the credit card I gave it to a friend who contacted the owner of the card and was told that he lost his wallet and when it was returned to him it was full of other people’s cards so he turned it into the police but that was two weeks ago. So i’ve Been walking around for two weeks with other people’s credit/ debit cards and not even aware of it. And then my mind started going into overdrive. The waitress at the restaurant I like to go to for lunch made a big fuss a couple weeks ago about me paying for lunch insteaad of my boyfriend. And then yesterday when I went in to pick up an order she had verbal diarrhea and would not stop giving me a full life story of abusive parents and boyfriend and bosses and all her hardships. Which is unusual behaviour for her because she is never weird like that. And then I find out she’s quit and leaving in a couple weeks. So I wonder if she quit or if she was asked to quit.
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DATW Forum  |  DISCOVER ALL THE WORLD  |  discover forum (Moderator: DATWMOD)  |  Topic: So this happened to me... not other people « previous next »
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